Transform outdoor spaces with our expertly crafted Belfort aluminium pergolas. 


Whether fully closed for intimacy or open exposing the night skies, the  Belfort pergolas create unparalleled control and versatility. Elevate your outdoor living spaces with these luxury pergolas featuring louvrered roof systems. Together with the uniquely engineered drainage system, these full coverage and waterproof roofs provide the ultimate blend of form and function, seamlessly extending your living space and bringing the inside out.


The incredible built-in drainage system prevents you from having to open the louvre to empty any rain collection, as this will flow naturally into the channels. Flowing from the roof into the framework, the water collected moves from the horizontal frame to the legs and into the ground. The Belfort comes with 4 textilene blinds, inset into the main beams for seamless movement. To accompany these versatile functions, the Belfort also includes remote-controlled LED mood lighting strips around the roof beams. The LED feature can be changed between subtle white glows to a playful array of colours. Engineered to be extravagant in both stature and practicality, the Belfort is a true feat of craftmanship.


Key features:

Powder-coated aluminium frames

Stainless & galvanised steel components

LED perimeter lighting

Roof made with aluminium operable blades

Hand-operated louvre, mobilising  the blades to open or close

Blades rotate 135

Protects from sun & rain

Inclination of blade angle can be changed

Integrated water drainage gutter system

Operational LED lighting – CE certified

Multiple LED colour

4x built-in curtains


Innovative System

The louvre blades rotate in a single movement, closing and opening. Locking into the closed

position making it fully waterproof.

Blade dimensions: L87.5xW1.2mm.

Water flows through the pillars after being conveyed by a system of all-around gutters and drainage components in the legs. When closed, the louvre blades offer integrated water

outflow system.

Lighting with LED strips along the internal perimeter is fully CE-certified and access to electrical output is needed.




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