The Environment

At the nursery we are constantly trying to be aware of, and reduce our impact on the environment and have an ongoing schedule of ideas and ways that we can achieve this.

We are currently improving our existing rainwater harvesting system, this water is used for watering the plants, and this not only saves money and mains water but also is better for them as it contains no chemicals.

A few years ago we installed a grain boiler in our winter growing tunnel, this burns locally sourced grain and is still performing well. We would estimate the savings so far are in the region of two thirds of the cost of the oil in the time it has been operational.

We have now replaced most of the strip lighting in the nursery with low magnesium triphosphor fluorescent tubes, which are cheaper and more efficient.

All card, glass, paper, wood, toner and printer cartridges and most plastic are recycled and we offer a battery recycling facility. We encourage our customers to either bring their own bags or use one of our recycled boxes for their purchases, we get a great deal of these from other local businesses who have no use for them!

We have a policy to stock products from local suppliers wherever practicable; this particularly applies to our restaurant and cafe and also the plant area.

All timber products carry the FSC certification and there is information in store for customers who are interested in finding out more about the provenance of particular items.

Many gardeners simply don’t realise that the extraction of peat damages natural habitats and wildlife and releases CO2 emissions. We, and our compost suppliers are fully committed to delivering a sustainable horticultural peat policy and extensive plant trials are ongoing in an attempt to produce natural products that perform consistently. In the meantime, it is important to use low peat or peat free compost wherever possible.