Bedding Plants

Summer has arrived and thoughts have turned to planting up pots, baskets, planters and beds. Hanging baskets are an easy way to provide valuable colour at eye level. Pots and containers are a great way to brighten or add an injection of colour into a dull spot in the garden or patio. If your basket and pot will reside in a sunny position Geraniums, Petunias, Brachycomes and Lobelia are ideal choices. For a more shaded location choose Fuchsias. Baskets and pots look equally good planted in a colour scheme or as a riot of mixed colours. Combine cool blues, whites and silvers for an air of sophistication or reds, yellows and oranges to bring a bit of warmth and a fiery glow to the garden. Osteospermums and Argyranthemums (Marguerites) are ideal plants to use in patio pots and containers. They are very easy to look after, (just water regularly and feed and water occasionally), they will give months of colour, right up to the first frosts.