July at Bernaville

July seems to revolve around sport and food critically this year, so if you are growing your own, there will be plenty to harvest in time for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, or perhaps you’ll be enjoying your strawberries during Wimbledon! Wherever you are with your garden or allotment, keep sowing the quick growers such as salad leaves to extend your growing season and get as much out of the year as possible.

Tony’s top tip

In the heat of July, it’s essential to keep your garden plants hydrated. Here are some tips to help them thrive:

  • Water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are cooler, and the sun won’t evaporate the moisture as quickly.
  • Make sure to water deeply, so the water reaches the roots of the plants. Shallow watering can lead to shallow roots, making the plants more vulnerable to heat stress.
  • Mulch your plants with organic materials that can help retain moisture in the soil, such as compost, shredded leaves, or straw. Mulching also helps to regulate soil temperature.
  • Use a drip irrigation system or a soaker hose to water your plants. These systems deliver water directly to the roots, reducing water loss due to evaporation.
  • Consider using water-saving techniques like rainwater harvesting or greywater systems to reuse water from other sources.

By following these tips, you can keep your garden plants hydrated and healthy to enjoy long through the summer!

Gift Idea

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