At Bernaville Nurseries we aim to stock as much peat free/alternative products as possible, as it is important for us to play our part in the reduction of peat usage. Over the years our suppliers have been busy formulating effective alternatives to peat.

Around 60% of growing media sales are peat alternatives, but we know there is much more to do!

Our home-grown herbs (green pots) & strawberries (red pots) are grown on site using peat free compost.

There are far more peat free/reduced products to choose from, below are some of our recommendations.

New Horizon All Vegetable Compost

New Horizon All Vegetable Compost is a naturally peat free formulation that gives your vegetables triple the goodness. It has a perfect blend of Biofibre combined with West+ as well as Coir+ to give fruits and vegetables every reason to thrive. You can also combine this compost with top soil to create raised beds and borders for vegetable patches.

New Horizon All Plant Compost

New Horizon All Plant Compost is a naturally peat-free formulation that gives every plant triple the goodness. This peat-free formulation is ideal for all types of plants and can also feed your plants for up to 6 weeks. Additionally, the special BIO3 formulation includes 3 special ingredients to help your plants thrive.