The Chelsea Flower Show 2023: A Celebration of Nature and Inclusivity

The annual Chelsea Flower Show in the UK is a must-see event in the calendar for anyone who loves gardening or enjoys the beauty of nature. The event showcases stunning displays of flowers and creative garden designs, and offers inspiration for your own outdoor space. From selecting plants to designing layouts and incorporating unique features, the Chelsea Flower Show has something for everyone and Bernaville Nurseries have rounded up their favourite picks for you which can be a source of creativity in your own gardens.

This year’s event takes place from May 23-27 and featured gardens that promote the physical and mental health benefits of gardening, as well as sustainability. A key theme this year was pollinator friendly species of plants and with native species taking centre stage. Our favourites to see were the liberation of ‘weeds’ and wildlife friendly planting such as British hazel and cow parsley, or for those that love a bit of colour, irises.

The Chelsea Flower Show also celebrated inclusivity, with gardens designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. The event showcased the first-ever Chelsea Flower Show wedding, with Feature Garden Designer Manoj Malde and his partner exchanging vows on the set he designed. Malde’s garden featured brightly painted posts, peat-free planting, and sustainable materials. With more and more private gardens being used for weddings, this celebration of joy and connection is one Bernaville certainly think is a winner!

In addition to the traditional bright and colorful displays, this year’s gardens included many spaces for reflection and healing. Many designers created gardens intended to aid in recovery and provide a safe space for people to reconnect with life and discuss difficult topics such as life, death, and disease. Accessibility was also a focus, with many gardens incorporating braille and wheelchair access as a fundamental design element. One noteworthy entry was the Myeloma UK garden, which aimed to raise awareness and funds for the treatment of incurable blood cancer and their garden combined vibrant vegetation with a powerful message of hope and perseverance.

From tranquil and reflective spaces to gardens focused on nourishing the body with fresh, home-grown produce, the event provides a wonderful opportunity to discover new gardening trends and techniques, and to appreciate all the beauty and benefits of nature.

Whichever part of the Chelsea Flower Show you take a little inspiration from, come and talk to the helpful staff at Bernaville Nurseries who can guide you through transforming your own garden into a oasis of wildlife friendly, sustainable and inclusive environment for you.