Bernaville Nurseries’ Perfect Garden Design for Barbie and Ken

Bernaville Nurseries’ Perfect Garden Design for Barbie and Ken

In honor of the upcoming movie release, Bernaville Nurseries has curated their dream garden design and suggested product lines for Barbie (and Ken!). It turns out that Barbie, known for her fondness for hot pink and dream houses, is also an avid gardener with a green thumb. Her garden flourishes with vibrant flowers, colorful vegetables and aromatic herbs.

To maintain a healthy ecosystem, Barbie uses a peat-free compost and a “no-dig” technique. She relies on natural predators like ladybugs and toads to control aphids and other pests, rather than harsh chemicals. Her garden features a range of beautiful plants, including lots of roses, which she uses to make her own rosewater for her skincare routine.

Barbie’s organic garden is filled with decorative flowers, such as Astrolameria (Summer Saint), Cyclamen, Rhodanthemum (Zagora Pink), Dianthus (Sunflor Foganza) and Coleus Mosaik, to add a pop of vibrant pink to her surroundings. She also grows an array of vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, and lettuce, and adds fresh herbs like basil and mint to her dishes.

Her garden’s aesthetic is essential, with pink-hued Italian rose chippings and rubber edging for the borders and beds. A Santorini Swing Seat provides a cozy spot for Barbie and Ken to relax after a long day of rollerblading, with a refreshing glass of Via Vai rose Prosecco in hand along with a sweet macaron snack. And for those summer barbecues, there’s even an outdoor bar area where Ken can get grilling!

Always one for looking good when she’s gardening, she got to use the hot pink Master Gardener Gloves from Town and Country as they are thorn resistant, washable and give her a protective grip when using her gardening tools. Paired with the Folding Kneeler from ClipGlove to protect her outfit from getting dirty, she is able to coordinate perfectly with Ken in a matching pink and green Gardening Apron.

Roses don’t just belong in the garden however! Barbie loves to bring the outside, in, and with the Colony Rose Garden Diffuser, her Dreamhouse smells just as good as the garden does. Her skincare routine is essential to both Barbie and Kens’ youthful good looks, and she preps by using the Rose Infused Hairband wrap from Danielle Creations to wash her face with her homemade rosewater.

However you feel about the new movie, there’s no denying that pink is definitely the colour of the summer and Bernaville Nurseries are ready to join the party!

*All products highlighted in bold are available to purchase from Bernaville Nurseries as of 18/07/23. We accept no responsibility for products that may go out of stock after this time due to Barbiemania.