Fruitful Gardening

Fruitful Gardening

Winter is the perfect time for planting fruit bushes and fruiting trees in your garden or allotment, as this time of year gives them an opportunity to establish whilst the weather is generally wetter and cooler. Comparative to buying soft fruit, especially at the supermarket, this is a brilliant opportunity to save yourself some costs for the summer and is also a perfect way to ensuring a healthy addition to your diet.

Fruit Bushes currently available:






Blueberry – needs ericaceous soil.

Fruit Trees currently available:






Key factors to know when buying a fruit tree:

Size – This is defined as ‘root stock’ on the plant label. If you have a smaller space, look for dwarf sized apple trees labeled M27, M9 or M26, pears labeled QC and plums labeled with Pixy. Larger trees that may need a ladder to reach all the fruit have a different root stock. Look for apple trees labeled M106, pears labeled QA and plums labeled St Julien. It’s important to know that most varieties of flavour come in a range of sizes so there is always something for every garden out there!

Fertility – if it is a self fertile variety, they will produce fruit without the need for another tree to pollinate it. If your tree is not self fertile, it will need to be paired with another one.

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