Tools & Sundries

From basic gardening sundries such as fertilisers and weedkillers to specialist tools and equipment, if there is something specific you are looking for, just contact us via our website.

Potty feet – £19.99 for set of 3

Many different styles available including Hedgehog, Highland cow and Blue tit. Perfect to give your pots a little lift, especially with the cold weather and frosts on their way.

Burgon & Ball gardener’s accessories

Smart ideas to make gardening easier, more efficient, and more productive. These garden accessories have been designed to find new ways to tackle common gardening problems – and make life in the garden more stylish!

Burgon & Ball indoor garden pots

Houseplants are making headlines in interior design, and these indoor pots will help you to enjoy this style trend.

Stihl hand held leaf blower – £99.00

Lightweight & easy to move around the garden, very quiet so you won’t upset the neighbours. Easy to operate with a built-in battery