Gardening tips

Flower garden…

– Keep your Camellias and Rhododendrons well watered at this time of year to ensure that next year’s buds develop well.
– Keep pots and baskets well watered and feed with a liquid fertiliser once a fortnight for plenty of blooms.
– Regularly deadhead bedding and perennial plants to encourage more flowers.
– Trim back lavender plants after flowering to keep them compact.
– Cut back Penstemons to just above a leaf to encourage more flowers.
– Cut back herbs now to encourage a new flush of tasty leaves you can harvest before the frost.
– Prune Wisteria after flowering by removing all the whippy side-shoots to about 20cm from their base.

Veg garden…

– Water veg plants daily in warm weather.
– Continue to feed tomato plants with a tomato fertiliser and remove lower leaves to help with air circulation.
– Pinch out the tips of your runner bean plants once they reach the top of the support.
– Pinch out the growing tips of aubergines once they have 5 or 6 fruit. Pick fruit while they are young and shiny.
– Spring-sown carrots and beetroot will be ready to harvest now.
– Continue to harvest second early potatoes and then start to harvest main crop potatoes as their leaves yellow and die back.
– Lift and dry onions, shallots and garlic once the foliage has flopped over and yellowed.
– Pick French and runner beans little and often.
– Keep harvesting courgettes before they become too big!

Fruit Garden…

– Feed container grown fruit with a high potash liquid feed to keep plants healthy and productive.
– Feed Citrus trees with a special summer citrus fertiliser.
– Plant out any rooted runner of strawberries for good crop next year.
– Harvest your fruit trees, – cherries, plums peaches, apricot and nectarines should ll be ripe now! Early varieties of apple will be ready towards the end of the month.
– Prune back the fruited stems of blackcurrant bushes after harvesting.
– Cut back the fruited canes of summer raspberries, leaving the new green canes for next year’s crop.


– Don’t panic if your lawn is looking brown, the autumn rain will soon make it green again.
– Raise the cutting height of your lawn mower as lawn growth starts to slowdown.
– If you’re planning on laying a new lawn this autumn, prepare the area now to give it time to settle.